Writing in Obedience is for the new Christian writer or the writer looking to decide how God wants them to incorporate their faith into their writing. How do we know what the Lord wants us to do? Are we being called to write or do we want to write for Him as an offering? What is required of the author using their writing for the Lord and how do they go about it? What do we really want to achieve with our writing, and how do we define success?

Also included in the book is a discussion of Christian Fiction as a genre and the different audiences that authors in this genre address, along with the best means of reaching that audience.

Terry and I both include some very personal stories of our writing journey as illustration.

Early reviews are in!

“Don’t skip this book because it is a primer for fiction writers. You’ll be missing valuable insights for your writing.” Susan Stewart

“the first section, which is aimed specifically at Christians writing fiction (although not necessarily those writing *Christian fiction*), is easily the brilliant gem in an otherwise already excellent book.” K.M. Weiland

“Writing in Obedience is a wealth of information from two published authors who share their knowledge from different angles as a mentor would an apprentice. I found it encouraging as well.” K. Buffaloe

“Even for those of us who already have a roomful of writing books, this book is a great refresher, and the inspirational angle is invaluable.” Kristen Stieffel

Writing in Obedience: A Primer for Christian Writers is an excellent work, packed with information I wish I had before I started my writing career over thirty years ago.” Jimmie Kepler

“This is one of those books I wish I’d read when I first decided to write for the Christian market.” Ronald Estrada

“Really a treasure trove for the Christian writer. Highly recommended for all writers. This one is a keeper.” Barbara Warren

Have a peek at the Table of Contents:

Decision Time
Writing Under a Calling
A Lifetime of Offering
Just Say Yes
How Do You Define Success?
What is Christian Fiction?
How Much Christian Content
Who is Your Audience?
Writing to Reach Nonbelievers
Writing for the Different Types of Readers

Part Two – For the Beginning Writer
Or a refresher for the more experienced writer

Newbie Enthusiasm
The Art of Finding Help
Can I Really Do It?
But How Do I Actually Get Started?
Structuring the Story
Keeping the Readers Engaged

Part Three – If I Write It, Can I Get It Published?

Do I Need an Agent
Staying the Course
Should I Self-Publish?
Traditional Publishing Takes Time
Final Thoughts